Made Urban-Service Finder Site


One of our clients named approached us for fixing the bug in their existing website. Apart from this they wanted us to develop some new modules. They wanted that their website should process online payments quickly and smoothly. Our team first went through the client’s requirements and then did the required action.

Our main focusing area:

  • Providing new modules for website
  • Providing safe and secure payment module
  • Display all available services of client in categories

The Challenges

Our client was facing some major challenges before consulting us. There was insufficiency in the various areas of the website. Some of the noticeable challenges noted by us were:

  • The major challenge faced by our client was the shortfall of management skills to arm and manage various categories of products in a compelling appearance. This mismanagement makes their website less appealing.
  • The another drawback company was facing is that it recoil in analyzing the expected level of service through e-mail notifications.

The Solution

If there is a question of providing the solution to our clients, then we never compromise with this. We always provide the best solution for the challenges. Our company with its team started working on these challenges with full dedication.

Our team after analyzing for several hours using their in-depth knowledge about the problems, came up with the concluded solutions which are stated below:

  • We provided a payment solution to our clients by amalgamating the recurring payment solution offered by PayPal.
  • Our company offered the custom-based solution to the client to display their services on the website, this provides them the facility of managing, uploading and changing the image related to services offered.
  • Provided them a helping hand for managing the email notifications effectively. We integrated the company’s website with the WordPress and Woo Commerce modules so that they manage orders and payments made in the portal.
  • In order to provide security and safety in the online registration and payment option. We integrated the registration and subscription payment on the website. This integration enables the users to update their accounts.

The Conclusion

After identifying all the challenges in-depth our company come to a conclusion that the client required a safe and secure payment integration. So we worked according to their requirements and has been successful in developing handy and remarkable modules for the website.
Our developers developed some great features with all latest products on display. Now with our developed module client can integrate all the notifications of email. They can now easily handle their various accounts, payments and order in synchronized manner. Thus now there is a proper management of the various services posted on the site.