Red Squirrel Brewery


Red Squirrel Brewery approached us with a motive to take their business to the online audience. They wanted us to compose a contemporary e-commerce website that provide them easy selling of their products. We go through the requirement of our client that what they want in the form of services. On analyzing the nature of the business of client and priority of our clients we put our main focus on:

Our main focus is on:

  • Display all available products of our client on the eCommerce site
  • Serving safe and secure payment facility for customers

The Challenges

Red Squirrel Brewery was facing some major challenges before approaching us, these major challenges become hindrances in the successful running of their business. Some of noticeable challenges are compiled below:

  • The major challenge they are facing was the excess of mismanagement in the meeting, in the orders placed by the users and in the maintenance of the reports and records of the order placed by the users. The reason behind all these drawbacks is that the company was managing the entire list of product and users manually.
  • The main cause of such inaccuracy in the work of recording and reporting is that our client does not have any prior involvement in operating the online business.

The Solution

As per the question of providing the solution to our clients, we always aim at providing a complete and the best quick fix of the challenges. We incorporated the website with all the features and functionality that our client needed.

We mainly emphasized on the problem of inaccuracy in working record maintenance.
We developed the e-commerce site using Woo-Commerce plugin. With this, we worked a lot to enhance the functionality of the store. We provide different features to the clients, some of the notable ones are listed below:

  • Our team designed a custom-based WooCommerce WordPress Theme as per the demand of the clients for the website. To execute the requirement of the content management process and design we amalgamated the WordPress Theme with WordPress 3.4.
  • Our client wanted to maintain an economical and active shopping cart through a proper display of their products. So to fulfill their requirement we integrated the website with WordPress most popular e-commerce plugin the WooCommerce. This integration offers them a safe and secure way to sell products.
  • To publicize the event of our client among the audience, we integrated WordPress events functionality to the store. This feature will give information about the events, which includes date, location and the cost of involvement in the event.
  • Our client wants free communication with users. So to fulfill their requirement we maintain a separate communication channel in the form of login or register process. From this users can place orders with ease.

The Conclusion
Our company has done outstanding work for the clients. Our exuberant developers have been successful in developing a dynamic and easy to use website. We created a website that successfully resolved all the above challenges faced by our clients.