Riverley Primary School


To create a website for a primary school.

Riverley Primary School

There is always a celebration at Riverley Primary School as it is one place which would never get old. The joy and fun with learning environment is the USP of this school which has recently taken an initiative to make a performing website.

The Challenges

Riverley Primary School is a school which believes in bringing up children so that they grow up as confident and caring members of the society. The introduction of this school through the internet has following challenges.

  • The information which was required to be displayed on the website had to be collected in order to have a clear perspective of the work.
  • Riverley Primary School’s website had to be having the tabs which would focus on all the relevant information about the school.
  • Since, it is necessary to have all the updates online it was important to make the website a dynamic one.
  • Children, their teachers, campus and the classrooms everything had to be covered in photographs in order to make the website livelier.
  • Riverley Primary School needed a payment gateway to be made for parents to pay the school fees online. It was looked as a challenge because of the layout of the website.
  • The school needed to set up a system through which manages all the aspects of dinner money management.

The Solution

Plugin-Developers suggested worked with the stakeholders of Riverley Primary School in order to understand their requirement. This requirement gathering has led to well-planned effort at the time of project execution.

Plugin-Developers has chosen appropriate platform which fulfils all the requirements of Riverley Primary School. It would help the school in the following way.

  • Plugin-Developers is always keen to work on the details of any website especially when it has a very niche requirement. Plugin-Developers suggested a minimalistic design for the website along with many photos to give the feel of a primary school’s website.
  • A simple and easy to use website was delivered to Riverley Primary School which has a lot of details about the school, classes, teachers and uniforms. Plugin-Developers were keen on providing as much information as possible for this school website.
  • Plugin-Developers has made a website in such a way that it can successfully be updated thereby giving all parents and visitors, the right source of information.
  • Having a particular structure to the website was the foremost requirement of Riverley Primary School. Plugin-Developers made it sure that the website is well structured and is easy to navigate.
  • The Riverley Primary School insisted that their website should be read by every visitor despite of their native language. Plugin-Developers made it sure that the webpage could be translated in every possible language in order for all the visitors to read.
  • With all the SEO features adorning the website, Plugin-Developers has made a fantastic and simplistic website which practically puts forth the work which is being performed by teachers and the management together to bring up kids in a better way.
  • Parents are bound to be delighted with different programs offered by the school which are appropriately worded and designed on the website by the team of Plugin-Developers.