Update Your WordPress Dashboard With WordPress 4.6


There is a good news for the WordPress website owners. WordPress has released another version WordPress 4.6 with many prominent fixes and updates.
This another developmental release provides various features and updates in the back end of the software and focuses on the improvements to existing functionality in terms of stability and performance.

WordPress 4.6
The new version is poised for speeding up the management of both plugins and themes by allowing addition, updation or deletion from a single page. A team of WordPress says that “The admin dashboard will also load faster because it uses the native fonts that are already installed on your operating system.”

Updates in WordPress 4.6
In this latest version, people will witness some small updates to the editor such as quick and easyrecovery your content in a lost internet connectio scenario. Along with this, 4.6 has a number of “under the hood” updates to improve the over all functionality of a wordpress powered website.

New Features In WordPress 4.6
WordPress 4.6 has come up with some new features that not only provide stability to the store’s functionality but also promises a more enjoyable user experience. Some of the features include:

  • Native Fonts support For WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Editor Improvement – Content Recovery, Inline Link Checker
  • Updates for WordPress Themes And Plugins

So, this is all about the new release of WordPress 4.6. This new version will not only speed up the management of both plugins and themes but also radically improves the functionality of a wrodpress store/website.

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