Is your WordPress site really secure?

Got a WordPress site? Concerned about its security? Check out Wordfence that can really keep your website safe from all malice.


We at Plugin Developers have developed plugins for various WordPress sites, rather, our own website is also powered by this most widely used blogging platform.
When the security of a website is concerned you cannot afford to leave it to chance. Most of the security plugins available are all words and no action. But there is this one plugin that really delivers what it says: Wordfence.

Why Wordfence?
Wordfence offers a host of features that makes one of the best security plugin for your WordPress store. What really makes Wordfence a smart choice is the fact that it literally offers all those features that can only be included on a website by installing multiple plugins. Being an all-in-one plugin, it really saves the hassle of installing multiple plugins and maintaining their update. Below are the highlights of Wordfence security plugin:

Wordfence facilitates a strong firewall that determines the malicious traffic and blocks any attack before it could reach your website. The firewall update is done automatically to keep the firewall data up to date and ensure prolonged protection from latest threats.

Real-time blocking feature, available in premium version, ensures robust protection against any attack. This advance feature will protect your website against any attack that has taken place on any of the other Wordfence-protected sites. By using advanced IP and WHOIS Domain to report the malicious networks it makes it easier to block the entire malicious networks. This also provides the capabilities to block the aggressive crawlers, scrapers and bots and put a leash on users and robots that put the security rules of your website to a threat.

Login Security
Two-factor authentication (premium feature), lends robust password administration for the users.

Security Scanning
Deep scanning for Heartbleed along with the scanning for the coherence of themes, plugins and core files ensure strong operating capabilities.

Real-time view of traffic along with city-level geolocation and reverse DNS. Monitor your disk space and DNS for any unauthorised modifications.
Well, these were a few of the features that Wordfence plugins offer. To get a better insight into the complete list of features, visit the official website of Wordfence plugin website.

                                          Installation walk-through
The success of installation process banks upon the hosting of your WordPress site. Let’s assume your website is hosted on WordPress instance or via a third-party host.
Note: The plugin cannot be installed if you’re using the free website.

Installation Steps

  • Log-in to your WordPress site as the administrator.
  • Open the Plugins page and click the Add New Button under the Plugins link in the left navigation panel.
  • In the Search Plugin box, type Wordfence and hit enter.
  • From the search results, select the Wordfence plugin, Click the Install Now button and allow the installation to complete.
  • Click the associated Activate button for Wordfence, and you’re good to go.

After successful installation and activation of the plugin, a window will pop-up prompting you to enter your email address. This email address will be where you’ll receive alerts, so enter your email id and click Get Alerted.

That’s all about the powerful Wordfence security plugin. Install it and ensure total success of your WordPress website. Still, have doubts? Or need assistance with integration? Contact us and we’ll help you out.