WooCommerce Plugin: 3 things that can build or ruin your web store

WooCommerce is an extensive plugin that runs a web store efficiently on WordPress. Coming to the functionality of the plugin, WooCommerce is a versatile plugin that can be employed for multiple uses.

WooCommerce plugin is renowned for its superb features and adequacy. It can perform various function because of its admirable built-in payment engine that also allows other plugins to tap in too.


WooCommerce is a complete platform in itself and does not require any additional support from external plugins. Before you go on and explore the world of WooCommerce, these are the three things that can influence the shopping experience of a customer.

-Complicated Product Search Widget and Themes

The greatest strength of WooCommerce is in its association with WordPress. WooCommerce comes pre-installed with a search widget. It is built to search for products. An online store owner will need this widget, as it works well in making the shopping experience easy.
Although, product search widget is shown at the front and center of a WooCommerce site, a site visitor sometimes fails to understand that the search result will return product related results. Therefore, using product search without knowing the conditions may frustrate the visitor. So, labelling the product search widget with “Product Search” or “Search for Products” is essential as it guides the visitors.
Speaking of themes, Some of WooCommerce themes make presentation worst and ineffective. Not only this, it might omit all important information like the price of the product while auto-adjusting an image to suit the theme. Ultimately, owner will have to develop a custom templates for the standard search

-No Update Feature

WooCommerce plugin does not include an update feature or bulk upload feature. Adding product to WooCommerce without plugin is quite a time-eating task as it require manual labour.
It is suitable if a merchant is selling relatively few products. But it won’t work if the owner has hundreds or thousands of products to add. WooThemes offers a WordPress plugin that imports products from a CSV file. Therefore, every online store merchant needs to add or purchase this plugin to control large product categories.

Threats associated with some WooCommerce Themes

One of the strongest reason for using WooCommerce is that it has numerous remarkable themes. To manage the themes, one need a few technical potentials. But it consider online selling as a secondary capability rather than as site’s primary capability. That’s why merchants, both small and large need to be very meticulous while selecting themes for eCommerce.

In the end, I will wind up with the fact that WooCommerce is one of the most independent eCommerce platform that allows the merchant to run the online store effectively. But it has some threats associated with it. But if these threats are managed smartly and efficiently, it will enhance the functionality of the web store.